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Love From Above💜

LOVE is! Love does not end, for love has not begun. Love is not to be understood for it is a state of inward knowing which surpasses all intellect. It is the river in the desert which does not dry. It is the driving force of interaction. The sole nature of all communication. Love can not be broken, for it is the wholeness unto the birth of each soul. Love does not separate, for it is an intricate web bringing forth the interconnectedness spanning all of time and space. A circle of what is. Love is not an action, for it need not be cultivated and attained. The realization of the essence of LOVE is within the reality of the eternal nature of all. It is without question. It is without need or want. It may only be understood by a messenger of Grace. The one who seeks and succumbs to all that is. The one allowing the unfolding of heaven to earth.