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Love From Above

You are to speak of humility. A true unity beyond all duality. Help others to transform years of thought forms ingrained in self-centeredness (doubt and fear). A sort of liberation in the way of the soul. A cleansing. A purification process. Opening to explore the grace and glory of the interconnectedness of all.


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Once Upon a “HOW”

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, the world said we can’t … and we listened.  Of course we did!  Why would we not?  What else was there to
do?  We all long for the most basic of human needs.  We will believe and do anything in order to find even a small hint of acceptance, love, and understanding.

We were raised to believe the biggest lie the world ever told.  Money, prestige, handbags, intellect, cars, societal ranking, physical appearance, pills, and our dismal attempt at an intellectual understanding of safety and security would surely meet our basic needs.  Someday these “things”, these beliefs, would fill the emptiness of our hearts.  So, we wander through life awaiting the day that one of these fruitless attempts will magically produce the missing piece of the puzzle.  The unfortunate result of this well intention-ed wandering is an unexplained emptiness.

My personal confusion was complete the day I realized that my happiness checklist had come true!  For the life of me I could not understand why my heart was still in a million pieces.  Why the emptiness?  I had met all of societies requirements!

Logic had told me, the world’s logic, I must be deficient.  I chalked the emptiness up to that.  Eureka!  I must be missing a few bolts:)  A couple trips to the doctor, a tiny tangle with insanity, desperation, and a rather jolting shift to hopelessness completed the madness.  Reason was not working.  I tried SO hard to be happy, fulfilled, and full of appreciation for life.  The reality was the harder logic tried the further I fell.

It is funny what happens when we enter “the dark night of the soul”.  It just is.  Somewhere in the mass stripping of all logic emerges something indestructible, our SPIRIT.  Passion, purpose, and love follow soon after this awakening. There also seems to be a deeper meaning to a life that previously had none.  For a brief, ever so brief, moment we feel whole and complete.  Then it comes for us.  Logic.  It tells a million lies over and this time the subtly is not so apparent.  It is seductive in its devastatingly rational and reasonable approach.  The introduction of the next biggest lie is building momentum.  This force is beyond any and all intellectual comprehension.  It is its very own masterpiece.  This lie we will hear every moment of every day.  This lie not only originates in our own minds but will flow effortlessly from the mouths of our society.   This lie deceivingly carries the essence of truth.  This lie does not wear the obvious cloak of fear.  It is seemingly sensible and sweetly promises to forever care for our welfare.

The “HOW”!

What a spirit killer this three letter word is.  Take a moment and breathe into the essence of this word.  Let it consume your being.  Notice any sensations, thoughts, or feelings it brings.  How many times has it stopped our hearts from singing?   How many times have we tempered the calling of our souls?  How many times have we bailed on that great idea?   How many times have we walked away from dreams, people, possibilities, adventure, and plain old fun?

What if we abandoned the logic of the “HOW”?  What if we just did everything our hearts wanted us to?  What if we took a step back and put a little faith into this thing we call life?  What if we just trusted in the universe to provide everything we will ever need to fulfill our dreams?  What if we just believed we were loved and supported?  What then?  Is there a possibility the puzzle would come together?  Is there a possibility we would experience a lasting sense of wholeness and connection?  What if we told logic, the world’s logic,  thank you but NO thank you-today I will allow my heart to drive.   Today the universe will take the burden of the “HOW”.

Today when my hearts sings and it WILL, I WILL listen:)

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Heavenly Inspiration

Dear Ones,

Rest behind the truth of eternity. The power resides in the seat of the soul. The masters sit at this table. What you have forgotten dear ones is you have sat there to.You sit there now. The truth of our love has been clouded by want. Do not be afraid not to want. It is natural. Organic. Dream the dreams you have lived before. Hold them now. Deep in your hearts. You cannot forget for long. 

Much Love Dear Ones!!!