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You don’t Balance because You Don’t Believe

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She Balances She Balances

How much are you willing to suffer because you decide not to believe in your reality?

Equilibrium can not be mastered if your beliefs run counter to your reality.

In reality, you are a beautiful, divine, phenomenal person.

In your belief about yourself, you may be anything but these.

And this discord between who your really are and who you believe yourself to be will set a life pattern of teeter-tottering.

Because you do not believe yourself to be worthy, you will act as someone who must work to earn worth.

Because you do not believe yourself to be loving, you will act as someone who must earn love.

Because you do not believe yourself to be a “good” person, you will act as someone who must prove his or her “good-ness”.

You will begin on one end of the teeter-totter, butt planted firmly on the ground because…

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Author: The Driving Heart

Waking up to our spiritual nature was quite a shock. Deep in my being I always knew there was more. Experiencing life from the mind I became increasingly frightened. This fear swallowed me in many ways. It masked itself as addiction, low self esteem, grandiosity, anxiety, and an inability to commit to anything truly fulfilling and worthwhile. This seemingly inescapable existence came to a halt in 2010. In a brief moment the world as I had known it was turned upside down. The veil of darkness was lifted and the light that is and was burned so bright that it became impossible to turn away. I am forever grateful for the courageous teachers and students Spirit sends to guide me home. I am not interested in telling anyone what to do or what to believe. My own journey has proven the heart does not sing by adopting the beliefs of others. My hearts intent is to assist you in exploring and uncovering what is true for you. Lets discover who you are, what your heart wants, and tap into the creative power that is you! All sessions are uniquely yours and designed to allow the heart to sing. We are committed to putting the heart back in the drivers seat!

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