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How REAL is our Reality?

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When I feel inclined to sit with God and reflect on the manipulation of the Ego I am reminded of a line from the movie “The Usual Suspects”. “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

I feel as though this is the Ego’s greatest feat … convincing us it doesn’t exist.

The Ego’s brilliance is only trumped by the love and light of God. I say this because God is the only thing that has supplied me with enough love, courage, and grace to fearlessly face the hideousness of the Ego.

Years ago, I believed the ego was a pesky nuisance. Something to keep an eye on. No biggie!

The belief of the Ego resembling a cranky toddler has been smashed. The Ego is a monster. It is convincing, subtle, and highly skilled in the art of separation. It is forever supporting the illusion of lack and complacency.

The Ego’s grip has captured the hearts and minds of beautiful beings all over the world.

It has displayed reality as want, lack, competition, struggle, pain, class, separation, education, credentials, doubt, judgement, money, fear, and greed. It has convinced us that life is hard and is something to be endured.

It has sucked the innocence, carelessness, and spontaneity of the little child spirit right out of us and told us this is what it means to “grow up”.

It has ever so gently created a “business world” filled with compromise, justification, rigidity, scarcity, and corruption. It implemented the phrase “let’s talk business”, as if all we were doing up until that moment was frivolous nonsense.

It has convinced us we deserve the approval and admiration of all we come in contact with.

It has convinced us that truly listening and supporting another equals a state of submission. It has brought us to devalue truly connecting and understanding the heart of another. It abrasively captures the spotlight by interjecting its advice and opinion with each breath.

The Ego lectures on conformity in a masterful way. It has constructed the elusive dream of being an innovator without wandering to far from the mainstream. It tells us we must appeal to all in order to succeed, rendering our dreams and ambitions as silly and far fetched.

This is by no means a comprehensive picture of the Ego. Just a few things to ponder.

The Ego will tell you this is all very real. It will tell you this is the way it is. It will tell you this is part of “growing up”.

It will tell you that even if you believe differently … conform and STAY SILENT … you can not possibly make a difference.


Author: The Driving Heart

Waking up to our spiritual nature was quite a shock. Deep in my being I always knew there was more. Experiencing life from the mind I became increasingly frightened. This fear swallowed me in many ways. It masked itself as addiction, low self esteem, grandiosity, anxiety, and an inability to commit to anything truly fulfilling and worthwhile. This seemingly inescapable existence came to a halt in 2010. In a brief moment the world as I had known it was turned upside down. The veil of darkness was lifted and the light that is and was burned so bright that it became impossible to turn away. I am forever grateful for the courageous teachers and students Spirit sends to guide me home. I am not interested in telling anyone what to do or what to believe. My own journey has proven the heart does not sing by adopting the beliefs of others. My hearts intent is to assist you in exploring and uncovering what is true for you. Lets discover who you are, what your heart wants, and tap into the creative power that is you! All sessions are uniquely yours and designed to allow the heart to sing. We are committed to putting the heart back in the drivers seat!

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